Business owner saves Xmas
Monday, January 7, 2013 - 1:54 pm

This was a difficult Christmas season for most of northern New York, and once again, Randy Lavalley steps up, and gives back to his home community. Last year, both my sons, expecting a lean Christmas, received brand new bicycles, courtesy of Randy LaValley, of Lavalle Transportation, St Hwy 345, Potsdam. For the past two years, Mr. LaValley has given from his own pockets to the Holiday Fund, and even though I have seen news articles citing his generosity, I have never seen a readers opinion offering him thanks. Thank you Mr. LaValley, for offering a sense of community and giving, from someone who has never known anything but the hardship inherent in living in Northern NY. Thanks to you, and people like you, my children were able to experience a better Christmas this year and last, than I would otherwise have been able to provide. You and your family have shown a sense of community service that I hope to instill in my own children. Care and concern for others starts at home, and should be extended to the community. I hope you don’t mind that I use you as an example of “giving back to the community” to my children. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lavalley, and a Happy and fulfilling New Year, to your family.