Buggies need reflectors
Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 12:26 pm

Can we pass a law requiring horse and buggies to have reflectors on them? When I lived in Pennsylvania, horse and buggies had large reflective triangles on the backs of them and it made a huge difference in their visibility to other drivers. I shudder at the number of times I have barely missed hitting a horse and buggy on North Country roads. During times of poor weather, dusk, darkness, or rain, these buggies are just impossible to see until I am already on top of them. I have seen lanterns on the sides of the buggies as I pass them, but they are not helpful. Unfortunately, the bright lights and excellent reflection of road signs and of motor vehicles make drivers’ eyes adjust to being alerted by bright light, not darkness, and I have found that seeing buggies at night involves looking for darkness. I hope our lawmakers will address this. If it is not against their religion to attach reflectors to their horse and buggies, I hope that they will seriously consider this. They will save lives, and as well as the souls of the people who might end up hitting someone by accident.