Breastfeeding in church
Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - 6:41 am

It is a year for exciting learning experiences, as another year approaches on the horizon and young adults going to college for the first time arrive. Make them positive and memorable. We also approach with reserve, about overexposed body parts to the real world. To those who dress is conservative, yet expose themselves in public places, to draw attention to their nursing expertise – are no different than halter tops and hot pants that plague all of our houses of worship. The exposure of the most holy Eucharist doesn't require self exposure while nursing. Bring a bottle with breast milk. The child will take the bottle, if hungry. The rest of the congregation is not your husband, unless he likes you exposing yourself to other men besides him. Why do you expose yourself in any house of worship if you claim to practice modesty? No once did a priest or other clergy have to get flashed by a nursing parishioner or prove your point. Do not disrespect the house of God. Pornography is still pornography. I have sons, too. What you do with your children may not be what another parent does with theirs.