Blocking trails is selfish
Friday, November 1, 2013 - 7:41 am

People seem to point the finger at children, teens, and even young adults and criticize them for their sense of entitlement. It is true that some young people have not developed this virtue. Some kids are selfish, and think that what they want is more important than what others around them want and need. Unfortunately, some of the older generation are just as selfish. The attempt to block the opening of three short sections of town roads in South Colton to ATV travel is a perfect example of this. Some feel their personal beliefs are more important than what nearly every Colton resident wants, and what our small businesses dearly need. I assume that they do not support our small business; if they do, how could they show their faces in our stores and restaurants, while at the same time, doing everything they can think of to drive business away.