Big statement
Friday, September 8, 2017 - 7:30 am

In response to “Breastfeeding in Church,” which appeared in the Sept. 2 - 8 issue of North Country This Week: Does it really matter to the world that you breast feed your child? Do you have to “fly the flag” every time asking for acceptance in what you believe in? I really do not care about a lot of things that people believe in. I have my beliefs and I appreciate differing opinions of others. I do take exception when people feel that they have to express themselves in public and feel that everyone else needs to accept their life styles. I was raised within a large family. Our mom breastfed all eight of her children. We attended church every Sunday. For about 17 years as a family unit we attended church and Mom breast fed us when we were hungry. She would excuse herself during the church service, go to another room and feed us, no big deal. I was in the middle of this family during the 1950’s. Today I’m 67 years old. Why do young mothers feel that they need to make a statement about breastfeeding? Isn’t it natural but also maybe a bit of a private issue? Why are we making such a big statement about issues that have been around for years and years?