Be proud
Monday, May 12, 2014 - 6:59 am

In response to the Letter to the Editor titled “Gay Pride Parade in Potsdam;” the article states “Opinion!” Well here is my opinion. Yes, people go to church, believe in God, and, the readings of the Bible, however, that does not make it right or correct. So, basically you are saying what you were taught through church and biblical readings is 100 percent correct? Here is a fact, I did go to church school and church, was raised here in Potsdam, am married and have a child. Should she “choose” or “naturally be” gay is her choice or destiny...I will not stop her from being happy. The fact is I love her with all my heart and what you have chosen to say is just ignorant. Being open minded is a choice, after all the responses you will get from your article I would think you would have some regret for making a statement as you did. Do not forget, people are judged here on earth everyday.