Bayside Cemetery in Potsdam needs policing
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 12:17 pm

Just a quick observation and complaint concerning the beautiful Bayside Cemetery in Potsdam. Recently, while visiting from out of town, my wife and I went with friends to visit the grave of their loved one. This was in the early evening. I was shocked and appalled to find a number of individuals -- possibly a sports team -- using the grounds to do their running. With all of the sports venues available in Potsdam, to think these people have to use a cemetery for their practice? Then, there were three cars parked by the riverbank. There were eight or nine young people all sitting around in lawn chairs, music playing, drinking beer and fishing. I noted upon entering the cemetery, a sign specifically forbidding fishing, hunting, etc. Our friends were upset by this display as well. They told us that this is an almost continuous problem. They have been told in the past that the authorities have been made aware, but do not know what became of it. Cemeteries should be places of quiet dignity, where one can visit in peace the graves of loved ones, not a sporting venue for all to partake in. It is time the cemetery authorities and local law enforcement take heed of this problem.