Balls or books?
Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 12:13 pm

In response to the Letter to the Editor “Sports Help To Create Well-Rounded Students” which ran in the May 21-27 edition: Our schools are in business to educate our kids, not to play sports. If sports are the only way we can get well rounded, physically fit students, then we are in trouble. I thought this is what physical education class was supposed to be all about. As for career paths, what are our guidance counselors doing? My previous submission was about people complaining about teachers “far to much.” I hear how schools need to cut teachers and do away with parts of the school curricular programs because districts can no longer afford them. We have been bombarded with how schools are considering joining other school districts because the state continues to cut aid. When you run onto hard economic times in your personal life, do you go out and buy a new pair of hockey skates or a new lacrosse stick? Probably not, you more than likely tighten your belt and make sure your family is provided for. Why should school districts do anything different? It is time for school districts to forgo sports budgets and put the monies back in the classroom. Perhaps it is time for these teams to pay for their sports. If they don’t want to, maybe intramural sports is the way to go.