Bad SUNY Canton parking
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 1:36 pm

Re: “Educators Selfish?” (Sept. 1-7), Absolutely. As a commuter student at SUNY Canton I find this semester that it is extraordinarily hard to even find a parking space. A great idea would be to count the number of available parking spaces and issue a finite amount of permits reflecting that. During the first week of classes, there were cars on the grass everywhere. SUNY Canton police had the parking lots roped off and stood there as if they were accepting a toll, pointing to a sign “Parking Lot Overflow” and directing you to park elsewhere. After speaking to a very rude officer, he told me there was plenty of parking and to move my vehicle elsewhere. Because of this parking dilemma, I missed 20 minutes of my second class of the semester because I parked at the hardware store across the highway. Thank you officer for being so eager to help me, I’ll be sure to look forward to serving you when I see you come into my place of business.