Avangrid advertisement
Monday, July 24, 2017 - 6:44 am

Please be informed the advertisement by "The North Country For a Brighter Future" is another arm of Iberdrola/Avangrid. This is blatant false advertising and propaganda under the guise of a group of locals. This is indeed the company. The proof lies on the cover of the 3-ring binders given to our town at the beginning of this process -- before most people were even aware this was happening. Locals were not attached to it and did not put these papers in it…it is the company and in it are papers published for the company by their sound experts. The advertisement is full of exaggerated information and outright lies. Please investigate and do not take the bait. Subsequently, the scientific papers in the binder support the residents demand for 30-35 dBA nighttime sound limit, the 40 dBA sound limit, and the need for greater setbacks to protect people from the effects of infrasound.