'Assault weapons' not for hunting
Monday, March 25, 2013 - 10:14 am

So into ‘Hunting Camp’ you walk with your “look at me weapon” that fires a .223 round (a .22 caliber on steroids) that is elongated, which upon impact (by design) the point acts like a lever that spins or tumbles (semantics) the larger rear end and the round goes in any direction but straight. Note: If you took dead aim on the heart, you missed. Now I don’t want to deflate your balloon, but all hunters in “the know,” will look at you as “Here is another one that likes their meat marinated from the inside out with ‘bile,’ ‘stomach acid,’ ‘urine’ and whatever else the round whacks along the way,” One more thing, when you are hunting with the ‘safety off’ (remember deer have mystical hearing) keep your finger off the trigger. A safe place for the finger would be in your ear or stuffed down the back of your camos. Sincerely: One who found ‘Vietnam’ a much safer place and had to quit “Hunting”