Arresting pot users leads to suppliers
Friday, March 25, 2011 - 10:57 am

Regarding “Arrest Pot Suppliers” (posted March 24) in the Sound Off: The police are making an effort to arrest the suppliers by arresting the users. The suppliers are undoubtedly more cautious with large quantities of marijuana that the 20-year-old casual user, therefore the user is more high profile and easier to arrest. To appreciate this tactic you also need to understand criminal subculture. The kids who are getting arrested have no allegiance to the suppliers and dealers. Once street level users are arrested they often inform upon the dealers allowing the police upward movement towards major suppliers. If a career criminal is arrested he is aware that a life of crime is most likely his only available way to make a living, and therefore is less likely to jeopardize his reputation and connections by informing on anyone. However, if they do provide evidence and information to the authorities it is usually with a plea bargain keeping their name out of the paper and their rear out of jail, hence fewer stories about large scale suppliers being arrested. Just because it is not in the paper does not mean it is not happening.