Area Code change could be useful
Friday, August 23, 2013 - 1:58 pm

Regarding the change in the 315 Area Code: I think it is long overdue for the geographic split of the 315 Area. The geographic area is much too large for a single Area Code. Area Codes need to be more local and things are not local with around a 200 mile distance. I would welcome a new Area Code for my phone. Overlaying a new code over the existing area would create more confusion and more hassle of the need to dial the entire phone number especially in the same city. A split area would allow users to dial just their seven digit phone number in the same local city area which is the same as it is now. And there really would not be much expense for those who no longer will be in the 315 area with regards to the need of changing advertising materials. This is only a perceived expense, which most likely would not amount to much.