Amish horse care lacking
Friday, January 18, 2013 - 8:51 am

In less than one week, two Amish horses have been killed on St. Lawrence County roads. I guess we should be grateful no people were killed. The Amish have a choice to drive on the roads, after dark without proper lighting or reflective triangles. The horses have no choice! Many Amish horses are treated like machines. They are not machines, they are living, breathing, feeling creatures. If any other people in this county treated their horses the way Amish horses are treated, they would be turned in to the authorities. I have been in Amish barns and seen with my own eyes the poor condition of these animals. The ones that look like they are starving or blind are kept inside, I guess so no one will see the poor shape they are in. Animal control needs to start inspecting Amish barns. There should not be two different standards. Please don’t say it is against Amish religion to take proper care of their animals. A kind and loving God says to take care of all his creatures, not just some of them.