Alternative to working
Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 6:36 am

In response to “Some Have to Work,” to the mothers who would like to stay home (as God designed it to be), but feel you can’t, I want to encourage you that in this day and age it is possible to stay at home with your children without government assistance. I, along with other mothers I know, are stay-at-home moms whose children’s needs are met and live a comfortable life-style. Yes, hard work is required and some luxuries may need to be given up. There are a lot of ways you can cut expenses by staying home. My aunt was widowed, left with six young children. She didn’t go on welfare or send her kids to daycare while she worked. They provided for themselves by raising heifers for other farmers. So even if you don’t have a husband to provide there are ways to make a living at home. 2013 or not, it is possible to be the mom you want to be.


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