Alcoa right to take low bidder?
Thursday, September 6, 2012 - 1:05 pm

It would have been nice if Alcoa could have used the local people. But the local companies apparently didn’t put in a competitive enough bid to win the contract and get the job. Alcoa is just using good business practice in awarding the contract to the lowest bidder. The local companies probably had the same bidding document to do their estimating from so why was theirs too high to win the bid? Instead of crying about someone else winning the job  and trying to extort the work from Alcoa maybe the union workers ought to get on their leadership to get these local companies to put in competitive bids so they can win some contracts and get some work up here, after all if a company can come all the way from Texas, put their workers up here and get the job done and still make money why can’t our companies do it? Maybe the leadership and companies really don’t want the work ?