Affordable rent needed in North Country
Friday, August 2, 2013 - 8:38 am

In regards to “Renting Frustrations,” I agree with the one who wrote living in apartments that are terrible. I believe that the landlords that have the nice places don’t care about the people who are on welfare or earning minimum wage. They only want the big bucks! And the people who are living on Social Security are another group that have trouble getting a nice place to live also. If you want to live in Massena I believe that the town should build more apartment building like Grasmere so people on fixed incomes can have a place to live! Cause the landlords are getting more and more controlling! And it is getting crazier all the time with the rules they tell us we have to follow. I feel they should they should let us have pets and smoke as long as we smoke outside. We need more apartments for minimum wage and fixed income people!