Affinity sidewalks an undeeded cost for Potsdam taxpayers
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 3:37 pm

As a resident and homeowner in Potsdam I am incensed about the Affinity Project and the need for sidewalks. This whole requirement for sidewalks on Outer Main Street is a problem for Affinity and the village. Why would the homeowners have to absorb the costs? I do not recall that any house I was shown by the realtor was presented as “notice the fine sidewalk you have in front of this property. Now let’s go inside…” Obviously at the end of Outer Main the village has not felt the need to put in sidewalks until this project. That being the case, the for-profit property such as Affinity should absorb the cost of the project. The homeowners should not, they have paid their fair share of taxes over the years. Let us not forget the extra money it will cost the village to plow those sidewalks in the winter. This cost again will go to all village taxpayers. If you want to ask for all those tax breaks you should take on the burden for the impact you are causing to the village. And to the taxpayers.