Accident intersection
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 8:16 am

The Route 345 and Burnham's Corner intersection is dangerous. It was not always so. Years ago the intersection did not meet in a straight line, you had to make a turn, travel a little ways, then turn again. I don't remember there being accidents then. We knew that when the state straightened the intersection, without being able to put in a 4 way stop because of the steep hills, drivers were going to run the stop signs on the north-south county road. The first accident happened the week after the project was finished, and there have been many involved a driver on a cell phone running the stop sign and broadsiding a car on Rt. 345, killing the woman driving it. My son was traveling on Rt. 345 a few years ago when someone ran the stop sign; the result was two totaled cars. The state should have known better than to fix the intersection, now there is no real fix. Visibility was never the problem and the current expensive project will not cut down on accidents. About the only thing that could would be railroad type gates.