Accept responsibility
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 6:15 am

I find it mildly amusing that a court/judge expects people in the community to accept responsibility for their mishaps yet they are unwilling to accept responsibility when they mess up. I went down to the court clerk to plead guilty to a ticket I received, they had my address wrong so I corrected that with them which was in June mind you, here it is November and I get a suspension letter from the DMV. So I call the court clerk, they sent me the fine amount to my previous address from 15 years ago, and they have my current address listed as an old one. So they messed up my address, one would think that at some point they must have gotten the letter back, so instead of calling me or sending it to my “old address” they do nothing and report me to the DMV. I truly believe they see no fault in themselves, it’s sad.