$100,000 grant helping artists or Clarkson?
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - 1:27 pm

This Sound-Off is in regard to a recent North Country This Week article about $100,000 grant that will help five artists start up studios. As the owner of a vacant store front in Potsdam, I would have like to know that five local artists could have been vying for a studio to rent. The thing that makes me most angry is that three of the five artists are setting up shop on Clarkson University property. I used to scoff at the people thinking Clarkson was a big bad bully in town, but I am realizing it is the truth. Clarkson will probably make most of this $100,000 grant back in rent, and they barley pay taxes. The thing that is really irritating is that President Collins of Clarkson is also the President of the North Country Regional Development Council. Were these three artists given any alternative to locating at Clarkson. I think that someone owes downtown property owners and explanation.