'Duck Race' winner in Ogdensburg

The annual Ogdensburg International Seaway Festival Duck Race held on Sunday July 29, and Laura Irvine of Ogdensburg won first place. The prize for first place was $500. Irvine named her duck ‘Little Swimmer’ and the winning ticket number was 983. From left Tim Cameron, race chairperson, Irvine, and Carolyn Murdock race chairperson. Photo submitted by Sally Cole.

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Opinion: Refusal of PAC money shows who Cobb will serve, says Colton resident

To the Editor:

Republican Elise Stefanik and Democratic challenger Tedra Cobb have both been true to form as the congressional campaign launches.

Stefanik is running scared,...

Opinion: Guns, UTVs, faming on list of North Country issues, says legislator candidate

To the Editor:

As a candidate for District 7 Legislator I want people to know where I stand on just a few of the issues.

The goal is to work with the Board of Legislator to keep...

Mass medication

Fluoridation of the public water is a public health threat. The act of medicating a population, against the will of a large percentage of that population, is criminal. According to advocates of...

Opinion: Zoning changes made with common sense in mind, say Potsdam man

To the Editor:

In response to “Spot Zoning Not Handled Fairly By Village Board” which appeared in the Aug. 8-14 issue of North Country This Week: Let me start off by saying I do not agree...

Opinion: Follow recommendations and continue fluoridation, says Potsdam resident

To the Editor:

Water fluoridation is only controversial among the vocal minority opposed to it.

Some of the individuals attacking fluoridation in Potsdam may be well-intentioned. But...

Fluoride fear

In years of studying the fluoridation issue, the worst fear mongering I keep seeing suggestions that, absent fluoridated drinking water, whole populations of children will be victims of the...

CJ’s Kegs Cases & More in Potsdam sold to new owners

To the Editor:

We would like to extend a very grateful thank you for your 25 years of support and love throughout our years of business.

As a small family owned business in Potsdam,...

County board District 11 candidate from Potsdam enters race

To the Editor:

My name is Peggy (Hourihan) Brusso, and I am announcing my independent run for St. Lawrence County Legislative District 11.

I reside in Potsdam and I am the product of...

Hard worker

Yesterday evening a large maple tree branch split and came down across the road near my house. We never noticed it. A man driving home from a hard day of working in the heat did and stopped to...

Opinion: Lottery tickets gateway for youth gambling addiction, says Rensselaer Falls man

To the Editor:

I listen to our local radio station frequently, and the ads from New York Council on Problem Gambling concerning youth gambling come up often.

I think the message is...

Opinion: Help those who can’t help themselves, says Waddington woman

To the Editor:

This comes straight from the heart: In the July 7-13 issue of North Country This Week I read on the front page that “27% of SLC Children Live in Poverty.” Also, “Of Those...

Sick behavior

I agree with “Protecting Perpetrators” which appeared in the July 28-Aug. 3 issue of North Country This Week. They should be held accountable for their actions and not just with a slap on the...

Opinion: District 14 legislator candidate thankful for support

To the Editor:

Thank you to all of the Democrats who signed my petitions for county legislator in District 14.

I enjoyed meeting you all and receiving your input.

My petitions...

Local attraction

I’d like to issue a warm invitation to any who are looking for something free to do in the Massena/Louisville area. We offer a lovely beach at Robert Moses State Park, with picnic facilities,...