Charles Frederick Cunha, 74, of Potsdam
Monday, November 20, 2017 - 8:18 pm

POTSDAM -- On November 13, 2017, Charles F. Cunha died peacefully, attended by hospice and his only sister, Ann.

Born in New York City on January 7, 1943, he was the only son of Charles Edward Cunha and Margaret Stokes Cunha.

He is survived by his sister, Ann O’Flaherty; her husband, Andrew, and their four children, Charles, Timothy, William, and Amy; all of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Mr. Cunha is also survived by a legion of appreciative and loyal Sandstoners whose lessons in literature and grammar were fun, while extensive.

Charlie came to the Potsdam Central School District from St. Lawrence University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in 1965, at which time he was assigned to what was then a junior high. Upon the opening of the A.A.Kingston Middle School, Charlie was assigned to the high school where he would teach primarily ninth graders.

His ninth graders were immersed in grammar and usage. They enjoyed learning the correct use of the English language and soon saw it reflected in their writing.

His dedication to his kids and passion for teaching were clear; but it was his intelligence, his knowledge, his wit, his “quips and repartee” that captivated his students.

THE ODYSSEY and Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET, are etched in their memories. Whether he would ‘walk like an Egyptian” or row the boat with “Odie and the boys”; or, after a close study of ROMEO and JULIET, review the play in 9 minutes by mimicking Flip Wilson’s Geraldine as Juliet on the balcony, his students would be mesmerized.

Perhaps one of his students has best blessed him with “A man is not remembered for the fortunes he gained, but, instead for the fortunes he shared. From all of the memories and quotations cited on Facebook by former students, Mr. Cunha was a rich man who shared plenty.”

Faculty, staff, students, and parents will miss that famous, now legendary haircut.

Services are yet to be determined.

Donations in memory of Mr. Cunha (Charlie/Chuck) may be made to The Sandstoner Foundation P.O. Box 264 Potsdam NY 13676.