World War II veterans, including a POW, recognized by Winthrop American Legion at Tri-Town Summer Festival
Monday, August 5, 2013 - 2:20 pm

WWII vets, including POW, air crewman shot down over Germany, honored at Tri-Town Festival

WINTHROP -- Five World War II veterans, including a prisoner of war shot down over Germany, a landing craft crewman, and combat air crew, were recognized by the Winthrop American Legion at the Tri-Town Summer Festival parade this weekend.

Pictured is Staff Sergeant Victor Winters in his military uniform which he as not worn in 67 years. Her served with the military police in the South Pacific.

Others honored were:

• Navy Seaman Third Class Donald Locke, who served on amphibious landing craft in the Pacific Theater, delivering troops to the shores of the Philippines, Okinawa, and all the islands in between.

• Navy Air Corps Aviation Machinist Third Class Don Hoag, who was a tail gunner on a B25 Bomber. He flew 40 combat missions over Iwo Jima, Guam, Saipan.

• Aero Engineer Crew Chief Paul Compeau flew on C46s and C47s. He logged 1100 hours of air time, 400 of which were combat missions over New Guinea and the Philippines.

• Former POW Staff Sgt. Charles Hickman, tail gunner on a B17 “Flying Fortress.” Easter Sunday morning 1944, he volunteered for a mission. Germans shot down six airplanes in his group, and five crashed in the Baltic Sea, but the pilot of his plane was able to maneuver over an island and Hickman parachuted out, landing next to a German naval training station. He spent 13 months in prison camp.