WIC programs have new income guidlines, more St. Lawrence County familes will be eligible
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 11:34 am

State subsidized WIC Programs have new income guidelines that will increase the number of families eligible for benefits, according to the State Health Department.

According to a release from the department, a family of four, with a gross annual income of just over $44,100 now qualifies for WIC.

Many working families qualify for the program, but may not realize they are eligible. Many military families are also eligible to receive WIC foods. Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, infants, and children up to age five who meet financial guidelines may be eligible to receive vouchers for WIC foods valued at over $100 per month per person.

WIC vouchers allow families to purchase nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, cereal, milk, juice, and peanut butter to supplement their diets.

Cereal and baby foods are also available for infants. WIC encourages mothers to breastfeed their infants, and provides generous food packages for mothers who choose to do so.

Families with infants who are not able to be breastfed can receive checks for infant formula.

WIC helps parents to feed their children nutritious foods during critical early years and helps children grow up strong and healthy, the release says.

WIC is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the New York State Department of Health. Locally, the WIC program is overseen by North Country Family Health Center (formerly North Country Children’s Clinic). The agency has offices in Watertown, Canton, Lowville, and Malone. WIC clinics are held regularly at 29 community sites across Jefferson, Lewis, Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties.

For additional information visit North Country Family Health Center’s web site at www.childrens-clinic.org or call the WIC office in Canton at 386-8128.

New Guidelines are as follows.

Family size yearly monthly weekly

2 29,101 2,426 560

3 36,612 3,051 705

4 44,123 3.677 849

5 51,634 4,303 993

6 59,145 4,929 1,138

7 66,656 5,555 1,282

8 74,167 6,181 1,427

for each additional family member add

$7,511 626 145