Voters in Norwood-Norfolk school district to decide on $13.5 million capital project on Wednesday
Monday, June 2, 2014 - 2:32 pm

NORWOOD -- A $13.5 million capital project Norwood-Norfolk Central School goes before district voters June 4 from noon to 8 p.m. at the school.

The project would improve heating, technology and energy efficiency and safety.

According to a release from the district, it would have no impact on local taxes.

“We’ve had an outside group figure the taxes associated with this project. A “worst case scenario” would be an average of $9,564 per year for 15 years of additional taxes. However, we estimate a savings in electricity and gas of $27,000 per year for 15 years,” the release said.

For capital projects, NNCS has an aid rate of 96.4 percent; meaning, for every dollar that NNCS spends the school gets over 96 cents back.

In release to voters says project includes replacing a steam heating system, various air handlers and exhaust and ventilators, lighting and electrical upgrades, technology network and VOIP, and track resurfacing.

It will also replace obsolete plumbing, flooring, and stage curtains, improve the sound and lighting system in the auditorium and provide sound proofing in the music rooms, loading dock life table, auditorium seating upgrades, improved fire alarm system, natural gas generator, and improvements to the parking areas.

The project will also help the school meet building codes through asbestos abatement and eleveator improvements.

Net estimated local share of the project is $143,460 for 15 years, according to a “worst case scenario.” Net estimated savings is from utility bills will be $405,000 for 15 years.

“The reason we’re considering a project at this time is simple…It’s necessary. Just like in your own home, routine maintenance needs to be done. However, the Operational Budget should not be confused with any Capital Improvement Projects,” a release from the school says.

“The funding for Capital Projects is not connected in any way to the Operational Budget. Capital money cannot be used for operational budgets. This money is set aside by NYS and all districts have equal access to it. This fund was established by NYS over 30 years ago – our state taxes keep it funded. It’s time that our state tax dollars were used in Northern New York.”

Voters will have decide on the project June 4 beginning at noon.