St. Lawrence County unemployment rate drops to 9.5%, still higher than a year ago
Thursday, June 17, 2010 - 3:35 pm

The unemployment rate in St. Lawrence County dropped half a percentage point in May, but is still higher than it was a year ago.

The rate dropped from 10 percent in April to 9.5 percent in May, according to figures released by the state Department of Labor today.

The May rate is still higher than it was in May 2009, when it stood at 9.3 percent.

In Franklin County, to the east, the rate stands at 8.2 percent, the same rate as a year ago, but down from 8.9 percent this April.

To the west, Jefferson County saw a whole percentage point drop from April, when it was 9.3 percent, to 8.3 percent in May. In May 2009, it was at 8.1 percent.

The rate for the state remained at 8.1 percent from April to May, and is just where it was a year ago. Adjusted for the season, the rate stands at 8.3 percent for May, down from 8.4 percent in April, and 8.4 percent in May 2009.

The rates released by the Labor Department for counties have not been seasonally adjusted.