Troopers invite other law enforcement for 'active shooter' response training in Adirondacks this week
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 2:54 pm

Members of the New York State Police and other law enforcement agencies are training Wednesday and Thursday in the Adirondacks in the initial response to an “active shooter situation,” state police said today.

In this training, troopers and other members of law enforcement will use what they call “simunitions” – presumably simulated munitions -- to “tactically enter a building and terminate the actions of an active shooter,” the state police announcement said.

Participants will learn techniques to clear a room and a stairwell and to work as a team in such an instance.

Taught by instructors from the New York State Preparedness Training Center, the session will include classroom presentations, and “hands-on, performance-based field training and scenario-based practical exercises,” the statement said.