Trinity Guild at Potsdam’s Episcopal Church donates $500 to Helping Hands
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 6:07 am

Carla Ingram, president of the Potsdam Episcopal Church's Trinity Guild, donated $500 to the Potsdam Helping Hands recently. Thomas Chappell, director of the Potsdam Helping Hands and Tim Virgil, a board member, accepted the donation.

POTSDAM -- Potsdam Episcopal Church's Trinity Guild recently donated $500 to the Potsdam Helping Hands in the memory of Cindy Talcott recently.

The money is earmarked for the heating fund, which assists those who are struggling to pay their heating bills this season.

The Guild has provided funding assistance to the Episcopal Church for many years. Any extra money raised is donated to other organizations, such as the Potsdam Helping Hands.

The Trinity Episcopal Guild will hold a rummage sale in May and again in October to raise money to help the church with expenses that are not in the yearly budget. In the past, the Guild has purchased kneelers for the church, tables and chairs and donated money for computers for the secretary and pastor.

The Guild is a church organization dedicated to helping the church grow. “We are always looking for members of the church to join us, as many hands make light work,” said Ingram. “The Guild would like to thank the members of the Potsdam Episcopal Church for their support and help with the fund raisers that the Guild runs each year. Without the members of the church, the fund raisers would not be successful!”