TRIAD resumes offering daily phone calls to Potsdam senior citizens for safety, reassurance
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 9:07 am

POTSDAM -- TRIAD of Potsdam has restarted the telephone reassurance program for seniors in the village.

This personal daily phone contact program is available to village residents who are 62 years or older who live alone, or a couple where one is dependent upon the other, and the handicapped, of any age, who live alone.

The Potsdam Police Department has run this program in the past and Police Chief Kevin Bates says he is in full support of the resurgence of this service.

A daily phone call is a good way to give someone a pleasant start to the day, offering them a chance to say, “Hello, I’m fine.” It could be the only phone call that day the person receives.

Relatives of the participants in the program are happy to have the support of the community in reassuring the health and welfare of their loved ones, organizers say.

TRIAD works with various community segments to reduce criminal victimization of older persons, improve quality of life for older adults, educate and involve the community in implementing solutions, and to enhance delivery of law enforcement services to the elderly.

For more information, call volunteer coordinator Jane Amelotte at the village police department, 265-2121.