Tractor-trailer full of emergency supplies to be delivered to New York City courtesy of Potsdam-area businesses, residents
Monday, November 12, 2012 - 5:07 pm

(Corrected Wednesday at 9:56 p.m.)


POTSDAM -- A tractor-trailer full of emergency relief supplies for Hurricane Sandy Victims will be delivered to New York City thanks to the efforts of local businesses, schools and community members.

Potsdam business owners who organized the drive said the truck was officially filled and locked Saturday at about 4 p.m.

She and other Potsdam business owners issued a call for help Nov. 6 and just four days later the community had answered the challenge by filling a the trailer with food, equipment, toiletries, blankets, brooms, shovels and other items to help those who suffered major damage downstate.

"We didn't get hit as hard as they did here. We have plenty of food and water. We still have power. They need our help and I think we need to support our fellow New Yorkers," Laurence said.

Laurence said the emergency supply drive stemmed from a conversation with Randy Lavalle of Lavalle Transportation Inc., who donated the truck, and Rob Bicknell of Bicknell Appliance and Home Interiors. "I contacted Randy and Rob and we just kind of put it together," she said.

Laurence said the local businesses, schools and community members were all eager to help and the truck would soon be on its way.

"It's full and locked and ready to go."

Although the Potsdam truck is full, a similar effort put together by Morley and Norfolk Wesleyan churches is also under way.

The churches teamed with Fusion Community Church in Cobleskill, to fill a 20' trailer and haul it down to NYC to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

That truck is not scheduled to ship until Nov. 18.

Supplies needed included bottled, water, blankets, winter coats, hats, towels and non-perishable foods.

Supplies can be dropped off at Norfolk Wesleyan Church, 33 West Main Street or Morley Wesleyan Church, 7252 County Route 27, Canton.