Town of Potsdam wants roadside vehicle speed indicator with software for traffic analysis
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 9:32 am


POTSDAM – The Town of Potsdam is looking into acquiring a roadside speed control indicator that could supply them with data to better judge safety on town roads and to recommend any desired changes.

Such devices, which can be seen on along roads indicating to passing drivers how fast they are going, can also be supplied with software to compile information that can be useful to authorities regarding areas where speeding has been reported by residents, such as the May Road, the South Canton Road and the River Road, which were cited by councilors at their meeting Tuesday night.

It can help councilors decide if they want to put cameras on a stretch of road, and maybe lower a speed limit, and advise law enforcement at what time of day violations are most likely.

The software is deemed vital to making more use of the device than just reporting speeds to drivers.

“Without the software, it’s just a radar gun,” said Highway Superintendent John Keleher. He said Norfolk and Colton have such devices but without the software, and are of no use beyond the roadside speed readout.

The device and its software will cost an estimated $12,360. Grant money may be available, and research on that will be presented to the council at their next meeting Aug. 14, said councilor Rose Rivezzi.