Three sub-committees to examine Potsdam schools' safety
Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 8:26 am


POTSDAM -- Potsdam school district's ad hoc safety committee is dividing into three sub-committees, examining policies, buildings and education.

One group will review existing safety policies and procedures and look for ways to improve them.

A second group will study the buildings and grounds to identify infrastructure upgrades that could provide more security. "This is timely because we are on the onset of a capital project," said Supt. Pat Brady, noting the governor included an additional 10 percent building aid for security improvements as part of the SAFE act, which largely focused on gun control reform.

Under the new provision, the state would reimburse the school for 96 percent of any security improvements implemented in the building project.

A third sub-committee will focus on educating students, staff and the public on the increased need for safety.

Brady said the committee is made up of staff, parents, law enforcement and emergency responders.

"What we wanted to do with this initiative was bring in a wider group of expertise. We have homeland security, fire and rescue and police helping us," he said.

Brady said the sub-committees will report back the school's official safety committee, which will work with the board to implement the new innovations.

He expects the research to take place over the next few months with some plans being implemented along the way.