Frigid North Country not even close to record low, but Sunday's warm temperatures tied record high
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 2:45 pm

Sure, it’s cold in the North Country, but we’re not even close to record lows. But it could happen tonight.

And keep in mind that just a few days ago a record high was tied at Massena.

In Massena, where the National Weather Service maintains an official station at Richards Field, people woke this morning to a temperature of minus 13.

But the record low temperature on today’s date there was recorded seven years ago, in 2005, when the mercury plunged to minus 29.

The North Country was in the grips of serious cold snap in January 2005, with a few days of record-setting cold: Jan. 21, minus 27, and Jan. 22 and 23, minus 29.

This year on the 21st and 22nd, the temperature at Massena was in the single digits all day and night, getting below zero by the 10 p.m. observation last night.

This cold comes just a few days after a record high reading was tied at Massena.

By Sunday evening, the temperature had dropped into the single digits, but early in the day the mercury climbed to 47 degrees, equaling the record high there set in 2006.

But the forecast for tonight could put us into record-setting range, with lows predicted to dip to minus 25 to near minus 30.