SUNY Canton centralizing several key offices to improve access
Monday, August 25, 2014 - 8:51 am

CANTON -- Several key offices at SUNY Canton have moved into one location to provide students faster and more easily accessible services.

The SUNY Canton Registrar's office, Financial Aid office, Student Accounts and representatives from the College Association have relocated to the bottom floor of the Richard W. Miller Campus Center creating the "One-Hop Shop." Students can register or change classes, pay their bills, set up a meal plan and get their college identification card all in one location. Previously these departments were in at least two buildings across campus from one another.

The space previously housed the intramural gym. It was repurposed when administrators found that students and teams had largely been using the Roos House Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center or the reopened Dana Hall Alumni Gym for competitions and pick-up games.

Additionally, the college implemented a "Qmatic" self-service kiosk to help point students to the right office and reduce time spent waiting in lines. The large, open floor plan of the One-Hop Shop allows for a waiting area, an information desk and numerous open office spaces for representatives from each of the three areas.

Cook Science Center, commonly known as Cook Hall, has reopened following extensive summer renovations. The new classroom space will feature a room for Business and Accounting students to practice Wall Street-style stock trades, new Funeral Services Administration classrooms and other instructional space.

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