Students from several St. Lawrence County schools take honors at Pi Mu Epsilon math competition in Canton
Monday, April 14, 2014 - 11:35 am

CANTON -- Forty-four students from 11 North Country school districts recently competed in a Pi Mu Epsilon math contest at St. Lawrence University.

Potsdam High School took the Pi Mu Epsilon Cup for the fifth consecutive year, the contest's top honor. Potsdam senior Ben Miller was individual gold medalist for the third year in a row. Silver medal went to Potsdam senior Ben Miller, it was the second consecutive year he took second place. Bronze went to Colton-Pierrepont's Andrew Jenkins, a junior.

Each school can send five teams with five students each. They take individual exams then solve math problems as a group. SLU students who are members of the Pi Mu Epsilon honor society proctor and grade the exams. Each school's score is added from its top three individual point-getters plus the group exam grade.

Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the top three overall scorers on the individual portion of the exam. The contest also also recognizes the top scorer on each team as well as the top three teams.

The match is sponsored by St. Lawrence's department of mathematics, computer science, and statistics together with the University's Pi Mu Epsilon chapter, the national mathematics honorary society. Winners who later choose to attend St. Lawrence are eligible to receive the Robert G. Cromie scholarship. The scholarship, named after a former math faculty member, is awarded to the top senior, while other scholarships options are available for the top three non-seniors.

Complete results:

• First individual prize (gold medal) - Ben Miller, Potsdam

• Second individual prize (silver medal) - Nathan Gingrich, Potsdam

• Third individual prize (bronze medal) - Andrew Jenkins, Colton-Pierrepont

• First team prize (Pi Mu Epsilon Interscholastic Cup) - Potsdam, Keith Bollt, Nathan Gingrich, Ben Miller

• Highest ranking senior - Robert G. Cromie Scholarship (up to $5,000 per year at St. Lawrence University) - Ben Miller Potsdam

• Seniors, ranked second and third (alternate scholarship winners) - Nathan Gingrich, Potsdam and Andrew Jenkins, Colton-Pierrepont

• Highest Ranking Non-seniors (Pi Mu Epsilon Scholarships) - Connor Fulk, Norwood-Norfolk (up to $5,000 per year at SLU); Keith Bollt, Potsdam (up to $3,000 per year at SLU); Mary Young, Madrid-Waddington (up to $2,000 per year at SLU)

• Highest ranking team members - Zach Barnes, Canton; Andrew Jenkins, Colton-Pierrepont; Courtney Bombard, Franklin Academy; Spencer Knowles, Gouverneur; Scarlett Cameron, Heuvelton; Mary Young, Madrid-Waddington; Jesse Lawrence, Massena; Robert Bendt, Norwood-Norfolk; Ben Miller, Potsdam; Joseph Smith, St. Lawrence Central; Kevin Susice, St. Regis Falls

Top 10 individuals

1. Ben Miller, Potsdam

2. Nathan Gingrich Potsdam

3. Andrew Jenkins, Colton-Pierrepont

4. Robert Bendt, Norwood-Norfolk

5. Scarlett Cameron, Heuvelton

6. Noah Whalen, Colton-Pierrepont

6. Bruce Avery, Colton-Pierrepont

8. Connor Fulk, Norwood-Norfolk

9. Keith Bollt, Potsdam

10. Mary Young, Madrid-Waddington

Top teams

1. Potsdam

2. Colton-Pierrepont

3. Massena, Heuvelton (tie)