Stop in Morristown yields 15 pounds of pot in spare tire
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 11:39 am

MORRISTOWN -- A Syracuse man was allegedly found with 15 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle's spare tire Tuesday.

Richard Rowe, 35, of 416 North Ave., Syracuse has been charged with first-degree criminal possession of marijuana, and was held on $10,000 bail after arraignment in Morristown Town Court.

St. Lawrence County Sheriff's patrol stopped Rowe on Rt. 37 in Morristown. The sheriff's K9 unit "alerted" on a pass of the 1991 Jeep, and again at the spare tire in the back.

The tire was taken to U.S. Customs in Ogdensburg where it was x-rayed and subjected to a density test. That was when the marijuana was found.

Aiding in the case were state police and border patrol units.