State renews support of $10 million for Center for Advanced Materials Processing in Potsdam
Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 9:31 am

POTSDAM -- New York State will fund Clarkson University’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) at about $1 million per year for another decade.

The new contract will provide funding to Clarkson from Empire State Development/NYSTAR to pursue “strategically selected research and development activities that leverage New York State funds with investments from industry, the federal government, foundations and not-for-profit economic development organizations,” according to a news release from the school.

“Your proposal for continuing the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) under the Division of Science, Technology and Innovation’s (NYSTAR) Centers for Advanced Technology (CAT) Program was selected to receive a designation for funding,” Howard Zemsky, president and CEO of Empire State Development (ESD) said in a letter to Clarkson on May 23.

“This was a very competitive competition and you should be proud of your team’s effort. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) to assist with job creation through the development and commercialization of technologies in New York.”

“We are thrilled to have been re-designated as a CAT,” CAMP director Marilyn Freeman said in a prepared statement.

“This vote of confidence by ESD/NYSTAR in Clarkson’s ability to continue making a significant contribution to the economic development in the state, while supporting research, development, and technology transition to industry and educating young people to be productive members of the technical workforce is an amazing honor for the faculty and staff. We intend to raise the bar for accomplishments each year and to live up to or exceed all the commitments we included in the proposal.”