State Senate okays sale of St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center parcels to Ogdensburg
Friday, March 14, 2014 - 5:40 pm


This map shows the parcels of the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center property the city hopes to acquire from the state. The two subdivisions located on parcels A and C, roughly show the portions of the property in which the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority has expressed interest.

OGDENSBURG -- The state Senate on Friday approved a plan to give the city of Ogdensburg control over 160 acres of St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center property at Airy Point.

“For 100 years, this land has remained locked away and unavailable for development and job creation. This plan makes sense for the North Country," Sen. Patty Ritchie said in a news release.

The plan initially calls for the state to turnover four parcels of land to the city.

Ogdensburg City Manager John Pinkerton last month said the parcels have been identified as the most immediately valuable vacant portions of the property.

The parcels include a woodlot, a residential waterfront section, the cogeneration plant and a section of vacant land along Route 37.

The city manager said the plan would be to develop and sell the properties to generate revenue and use that money to invest and in other vacant properties.

Pinkerton said the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority has expressed interest in to small portions of parcels the city may acquire.

Mayor William Nelson last month said he would be more than willing to meet with OBPA officials to discuss the plans, but would like to see the properties returned to the tax base even if the OBPA acquires them.