St. Regis Falls Fire Department getting $62,748 to replace oudated air packs, provide training
Friday, August 29, 2014 - 5:21 pm

ST. REGIS FALLS -- The St. Regis Falls Fire Department will be receiving $62,748 in Department of Homeland Security money for operations and safety at the fire house.

“Many of the fire departments in northern New York have to operate with extremely limited resources,” said Rep. Bill Owens in announcing the federal grant.

“This funding allows the department to avoid cutting corners on equipment and training that keeps their volunteer first-responders, and the communities they serve, safe.”

These grants are awarded through competition directly to fire departments to protect public and first-responder health and safety.

This grant will be used to replace outdated air packs and bottles and provide training on the new safer equipment.

“This funding will have a huge impact,” said Fire Chief Wilbur Bailey, a 30-year veteran firefighter at the St. Regis Falls Volunteer Fire Department. “It means we can update to new equipment that is easier for our firefighters to use when they go into fires.

“Departments in this area cover a lot of land so we have to rely on each other sometimes,” Bailey is quoted as saying in the press release from Owens’ office. “This safer equipment helps us help them too. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.”