St. Lawrence University survey shows 94 percent of Class of 2012 respondents had jobs or were in grad school
Sunday, November 3, 2013 - 4:21 pm

CANTON -- A survey by St. Lawrence University shows that a little less than a year after graduating 94 percent of the SLU Class of 2012 who responded to a questionnaire were either employed or attending graduate school.

The results were taken from the Career Services annual follow-up survey in which 79 percent of the class responded to the study, conducted seven to 10 months after graduation.

The responses also showed:

• 21 percent of the Class of 2012 were pursuing graduate study at places such as Boston University, New York University, the University of Vermont, Iowa State University and the University of Colorado.

• The top fields of graduate study were education, science and technology, and the social sciences.

• 73 percent were pursuing careers at companies and organizations such as Universal McCann, Ralph Lauren, Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Greenpeace, the Mayo Clinic and the Miami Dolphins.

• The top entry career fields were education, finance and banking, and sports and recreation.

• 69 percent of new graduates pursuing a career reported finding their employment through networking.

“We are very proud of our placement rate for new graduates,” said Carol Bate, associate dean of Student Life and director of Career Services. “We are particularly proud of our 95 percent average over the past five years, which have been a very challenging five years in the market. The rate is a testimonial to the fact that St. Lawrence graduates and the liberal arts education they bring to the workplace are highly valued by employers.”

“We only collect data directly from new graduates, and we don’t collect data from third parties or from social media profiles,” Bate said. “Despite the challenges that such high standards for data collection present, we obtain a very high response rate to the survey.”