St. Lawrence University seeks pets to study for cat collar aimed at reducing bird kills
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 6:30 am

CANTON -- St. Lawrence University professor Susan Willson is seeking participants for a study on cat collars designed to decrease songbird kills.

The study will examine the effectiveness of a cat collar designed to prevent bird deaths, according to Willson.

The brightly colored collars allow cats to be more easily spotted by songbirds, according to

Willson is seeking 50 local feline participants for the study.

The cat will continue his behavior for the first four weeks of the study, then will wear the collar for four weeks to see if fewer birds are killed, Willson said.

Owners will be asked to bag the killed birds, date them, and freeze them. Birds can be dropped off on campus, or Willson will schedule a time to pick them up.

The collars used in the experiment will be free.

Interested participants can contact Willson at [email protected] or 566-9588.