St. Lawrence University earns a little bit of money every time someone purchases ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’
Sunday, December 9, 2012 - 8:11 am

CANTON -- Usually when you hear “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” you probably don’t think of St. Lawrence University.

However, whenever someone buys the holiday song a little bit of money from the purchase makes it way to St. Lawrence University.

The song’s composer J. Kimball "Kim" Gannon was a 1924 graduate of St. Lawrence University and left a portion of the royalties earned by his compositions to the university in his will.

Gannon, who also wrote the university’s alma mater, left a will which stipulated that 30 percent of his royalties would go to the university after his wife’s death, which occurred in 2000.

This year the university has received over $37,000 from Gannon’s royalties.

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