St. Lawrence University cites study that shows liberal arts grads feel better prepared for careers
Friday, August 10, 2012 - 6:24 am

CANTON – St. Lawrence University is citing a study that indicates liberal arts graduates feel they are better prepared for careers than students from “public flagship universities.”

So while the 653 members of St. Lawrence University's Class of 2016 arrive for orientation on Aug. 26 likely feeling anxious about beginning their college studies -- along with their parents -- the recent national study shows that graduates of liberal arts institutions feel that their educations made them better prepared for careers and life challenges.

The study was commissioned by the Annapolis Group, a consortium of 130 residential liberal arts colleges, including St. Lawrence, and was conducted by higher education consulting firm Hardwick Day.

The Annapolis Group commissioned the survey to determine how its graduates perceive the effectiveness of their educations, as compared to graduates of other types of colleges and universities.

For career preparation, the study showed that 60 percent of liberal arts college graduates said they felt "better prepared" for life after college, compared to 34 percent who attended public flagship universities. Additionally, 76 percent of liberal arts college graduates rated well their college experience for preparing them for their first jobs, compared to 66 percent who attended public flagship universities.

Another key finding of the study is that liberal arts college graduates are more likely to graduate in four years or less, giving them a potential head start on their careers.

The study is one of only a few that explores the lasting effects of college in such areas as career preparation and advancement, skill development, development of personal and professional values and attitude, and community involvement.

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