St. Lawrence County unemployment rate improves, still third worst in state
Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - 5:21 pm

The unemployment rate in St. Lawrence County in August improved a bit from July, but the county sits at third highest in jobless rate in the state.

The August rate, according to the state Department of Labor, stood at 10.8 percent, down from 11.1 percent in July, and was higher than the rate in August 2011, 10.1 percent.

St. Lawrence County, at 10.8 percent unemployed in August, is behind only the Bronx, 13.1 percent, and Orleans County, on Lake Ontario west of Rochester, at 11.3 percent, for the highest rate in the state.

To our south, sparsely populated neighboring Hamilton County has the lowest unemployment rate in the state for August at 5.2 percent.

To our west in Jefferson County, the rate for August was 8.9 percent, down half a point from July, when it was 9.4 percent, but higher than the 8.3 percent posted in August 2011.

In Franklin County, immediately to our east, The August rate stood at 9.4 percent, down slightly from the 9.5 percent reported in July, and higher than the 8.3 percent in August 2011.

The Labor Department notes that the numbers reported are not seasonally adjusted, which means they do reflect seasonal influences such as holiday and summer hires and have not been “evened out” to compensate for such usual variation. Therefore, the department notes, the most valid comparisons with this type of data are year-to-year comparisons of the same month such as August 2011 versus August 2012.