St. Lawrence County tobacco control advocates traveling to Albany to lobby legislators
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 6:20 am

St. Lawrence County’s Reality Check coordinator hopes to speak with state legislators in Albany today about tobacco control programs in the county and around the state.

County Reality Check Coordinator Melanie Flack and other tobacco control program leaders from around New York State want to update state lawmakers about their progress and the challenges in creating healthier tobacco-free communities, protecting children, and helping current smokers to quit.

They will be joined by volunteer youth advocates and adult constituents to answer questions and provide resources about tobacco cessation, tobacco retail marketing, tobacco-free outdoor air, and smoke-free housing policies.

The advocates will also stage a “Replacement Smoker” flash mob, a “Dance Mob,” and a Youth Advocate of the Year Awards Ceremony.

“This is an opportunity to discuss with elected representatives our tobacco control strategies and successes that benefit their constituents and the community,” said Flack.

“Tobacco control programs are a wise investment of New York State dollars and more than pay for themselves by preventing illness, saving lives and reducing health care costs.”

While New York has made great strides in reducing tobacco use, smoking prevalence has not declined for those with low incomes, less education and those with self-reported poor mental health. These at-risk groups can least afford the cost of tobacco and the consequences of addiction. Smoking rates by county can be found at