St. Lawrence County residents can place Food Sense orders through April 10, pick-up is April 24
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 5:42 pm

The Food Sense program is taking orders through April 10. Pick-up will be April 24.

Local sites for order and pick-up are Potsdam Neighborhood Center, 265-3920; Canton Neighborhood Center, 386-3541; Helping Hands, Potsdam, 268-0633; Gouverneur Neighborhood Center, 287-3370; and Ogdensburg First Presbyterian Church, 393-2510.

It is a monthly program, payable with food stamps or cash. It is open to all.

This month's projected list, which costs $15.50 is: one pound Italian heat-and-serve meatballs, one pound ground chicken, 15 oz. peach slices, 12 oz. veal patties, one pound ziti, 15 oz. carrots, one polund pollock filets, 26 oz. spaghetti sauce, one pound Italian sausage, 20 oz. frozen pizza snacks and two items of fresh produce.

Specials for April are five pounds of chicken drumsticks for $4.75, five pounds of Italian meatballs for $11, two one-pound boxes of cod filet for $7, two pounds of mozzarella sticks for $5, 4.5 pounds of white cheddar pasta bake for $13 and five pounds of stuffed peppers for $11.75.