St. Lawrence County to receive $334,798 more from state for road paving
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 5:29 pm

St. Lawrence County will receive an additional $334,798 in paving funds from New York State.

Legislators allocated the addition Capital Highway Improvement Program findings, commonly referred to as CHIPs, to the St. Lawrence County Highway Department at a Monday meeting.

The funding was a result of an increase in the New York state budget.

All of the additional funding will go toward paving projects.

St. Lawrence County, like most of the North Country, experienced an unusually harsh winter and will likely be using the money to address issues caused by frost heaving and flooding.

The increase in CHIPs funding was not exclusive for the county, all municipalities the much needed increase in funding, which is based on miles of paved roads.

The increase followed a five-year freeze on Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs) funding. The budget includes $438 million for important local highway, road, and bridge repair projects throughout the state.

The 2014-15 state budget also includes $40 million in new capital funds to help localities pay for repairs related to the severe winter weather.