St. Lawrence County legislators table resolution to support Fort Drum’s opposition to wind development
Monday, January 1, 2018 - 7:06 pm

CANTON – St. Lawrence County legislators tabled resolution that would have supported Fort Drum’s request for no wind farm development in proximity to Fort Drum.

The meeting was for the St. Lawrence County Finance Committee.

According to a press release from the military base, wind turbines adversely affect the radar capabilities at Fort Drum's Wheeler Sack Army Airfield as well as the Doppler Weather radar site at Montague.

“Two projects, Maple Ridge in Lewis County and Wolfe Island in Canada, already exist in the region; they visibly distort radar and present negative impacts on safe flight operations for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, as well as doppler weather radar located in Montague,” the release says.

Fort Drum is already feeling the impact of the existing industrial wind turbines, and if the proposed projects are approved, Fort Drum's mission readiness will be further diminished.

At the recent meeting the board elected to wait for the new year to bring the resolution back to the floor.