St. Lawrence County Housing Council asking for help with ideas for new name
Sunday, May 30, 2010 - 8:45 am

CANTON -- The St. Lawrence County Housing Council is requesting help from the community to find a new name.

During June, the New Name Campaign will be accepting name ideas, which can be submitted to (preferred), or 386-8576, ext. 239 to talk to Makenzie Taylor. Ideas can be anonymous, or, for those who would like to receive credit for their ideas, a full name and name of the town in which they reside can be left.

The Housing Council feels that, as an organization that works for its community, it is appropriate community members are involved in the name change. It is hoped a name will be found that their customers can better relate to, one that describes what the council is and does.

The council educates prospective homebuyers on key elements of home buying, provides counseling, and offers financial aid when people decide to purchase their first home. It provides grants to current homeowners to rehabilitate unsafe homes. It also manages 200 rental units, most of which are for elderly and disabled persons. The council writes and administers grants for municipalities and other non-profit organizations.

The Housing Council has decided to change its name because the “St. Lawrence County” in its current name causes many people to assume that it is a county-run organization, and the staff feels that the current name does not fully express what it does.

The St. Lawrence County Housing Council is a private, not-for-profit organization that relies greatly upon grants and private contributions. They feel that an assumption that it is funded by tax dollars may deter some people from offering financial support.

For more information about the St. Lawrence County Housing Council and the services it offers, go to or e-mail Makenzie Taylor at